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Fusion West Media has been the trusted
business technology solutions provider for many clients from various industries since 2011.

Our comprehensive approach to solving business development issues revolves around strategy/consulting, and leveraging today's leading-edge technologies with
custom developed business technology solutions. At Fusion West Media, we understand your business's needs and provide tailored services to boost its growth.

We Specialize in: Websites, Online Marketing, Web & Mobile Apps, Salesforce CRM, Technical Support and Consulting.


checkmark Fully developed and automated business application systems
checkmark Solid brand presence online
checkmark Increase your customer base and revenue
checkmark Increase business productvity
checkmark A wise investment with greater ROI
checkmark Save time, money and development costs
checkmark Your IT partner to handle all of your business technology needs

Business Websites

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A professionally designed website stands out from the crowd with its attractive looks and easy navigation. However, there is more to custom web design than that. We design your website in a customized manner that is barely found anywhere else. Our team of learned and accomplished designers tailor-make extremely attractive and user-friendly websites to meet your requirements.

Fusion West Media provides a complete range of custom web solutions that are totally customized, are aimed at boosting your website's efficiency, improving its functionality, and of course, providing a better user-experience to your visitors. Come and experience the difference.

Online Marketing

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With hundreds of businesses offering the same products and services online, how are you going to strategically position your business to be unique, rise above your competition and be found online? That's where we come in. Fusion West Media is a Calgary SEO company that offers compehensive SEO solutions to better market your business, achieve higher conversion rates and boost your business.

We employ only ethical, White Hat SEO practices to ensure that your website reaches top positions in the search engines while bringing in more traffic and increased revenue. Features of our SEO services include both On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniqes, quality link building, content writing, directoy submissions, social networking, social media marketing, SEO reviews and consultations plus more!

Salesforce Development

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How are you currently managing your business and customers (manually, paper-based, Excel)?
Many businesses can't or won't grow effectively without a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system - it is that vital to your business growth and success. Many business owners are frustrated with their out-dated and incomplete business management systems and don't have the time or expertise to analyse their business processes and effectively implement a complete solution.

We are here to help you! We provide customizable Salesforce CRM solutions to meet your complex business requirements, organize and simplify your business while increasing your productivity.
As a Calgary Salesforce development company we have the skills and experience you need.

Web & Mobile Apps

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Are you looking to have a custom web or mobile app developed for your business? Have a great app idea but don't know where to start? Great; talk with us today and let's make your vision a reality! Having an app is a great way to extend the service functionality of your business, increased user experience and user engagement and increased business productivity. We will work closely with you to help define and articulate your expectations and the overall scope and features required. Our development team is well-skilled to create visually stunning apps with easy navigation for any type of industry.

Click to read more about our current Web App project for our custom cabinet-making client and see how we can help you.

Technical Support

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Let us help you with all of your vital backend technical support needs so you can focus on growing your company. We provide business applications maintenance and support to ensure that you business systems are running smoothly and updated. Whether you need website maintenance, Salesforce CRM/ERP or your custom business application supported, we have the experience and technical skills to handle all your requests. Our monthly maintenance services will have you fully covered and we work with you to create a custom maintenance plan that works for your needs. We specialize in Tier 1-3 Technical Applications Support gathering your requests in a secure ticketing system and quickly resolving and escalating issues. We offer worry-free maintenance services with quick turn-around times and clear communication.


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As a business owner you're too busy growing and running your company to fully consider IT infrastructure, let alone strategize, manage and develop all of your vital business technology solutions. That's what we specialize in and that's all we do — Complete Custom Business Technology Solutions. As your trusted IT Consulting Partner, we have the insight, experience and knowledge to provide you with sound strategy and consulting advice. We take a holistic overview approach to identify areas of business technology improvment.

Our Consulting services can encompass a variety of perspectives depending on client needs such as: Strategy/Management, Technology, Project Management or Business Analysis. Our clients benefit from our deep technical knowledge and expertise as well as our niche industry associations to give you the best advice and the confidence to move forward in certainty. We're experts at business and technical analysis, in-depth research, asking the hard/uncomfortable questions and finding the right solutions to your needs. No sugar-coating here. Just soild consulting advice where we have you and your best interests at heart and mind.

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