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Managed IT Services

Fusion West Media has been the trusted
business technology solutions provider for many clients across Western Canada since 2011.

Our comprehensive approach to solving business development issues revolves around strategy/consulting, and leveraging today's leading-edge technologies with custom developed business technology solutions. We provide tailored IT services to boost your growth.

We Specialize in Managed IT Services for businesses and non-profits saving you time and money.

Website Development

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A professionally designed website stands out from the crowd with its attractive looks and easy navigation. However, there is more to custom web design than that. We design your website in a customized manner that is barely found anywhere else. Our team of learned and accomplished designers tailor-make extremely attractive and user-friendly websites to meet your requirements.

Fusion West Media provides a complete range of custom web solutions that are totally customized, are aimed at boosting your website's efficiency, improving its functionality, and of course, providing a better user-experience to your visitors. Come and experience the difference.

Online Marketing

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Is your business listed on the 1st page of Goolge? Can your customers easily find your website among all the hundreds of of businesses offering the same products and services online?

We have a 100% success rate in getting our clients ranked on the 1st page of Goolge and become easily found online. This results in high brand exposure, more customers and more money. Online Marketing includes On-Page and Off-Page, content marketing and PPC strategies that are vital for your small-medium business or non-profit to be found by your target audience and beat out your competition. That's where we come in. Fusion West Media offers compehensive SEO solutions to better market your business, achieve higher conversion rates and boost your business.

Salesforce Development

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How are you currently managing your business and customers? If you still rely on manual, paper-based business processes or outdated software, you are missing out on today’s leading-edge technology. Salesforce is a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that simplifies the way you run your business.

A reliable, flexible CRM infrastructure is vital to the growth and success of your business. Dealing with incomplete or inefficient management systems may keep you from exploring new business opportunities or reducing costs. Inferior systems also lack the critical features needed to effectively analyze your business processes and boost productivity.

We are here to help. We provide customizable CRM solutions to meet your business requirements, no matter how complex. As a Salesforce development company, we have the skills and experience you need to organize and simplify your business.

Project Management

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Project Management is the logical and structured process to effectively enable change and produce the final desired solution in a project-based environment. Change Management is a critial component in any successful business or technology-related endeavours and especially true in Software Development projects.

We specialize in Change Management in the Software/Applications Development of a project (Websites, Salesforce CRM, Web or Mobile Apps). We've worked on many client projects delivering successful project outcomes and will do the same for you.

Change Management is focused on Project Management and Business Analysis. These specialized and professional work activities are necessary to ensure a smooth project, best use of resources and budget allocation and required to deliver successful projects. We closely control and monitor project factors such as Time, Budget and Scope and fully manage and take care of your critical development projects that you invest and rely heavily upon. Our Senior Project Manager is a Project Management Professional the most highly-coveted and respected professional designation in Project Management. We can help you in Change Management for your development project whether developed exclusively by us or if another technology solution is required from a vendor partner.

Before your next project becomes too big to handle, too complex, too technical and you're too stressed out, give us a call! We're experts in Change Management and will effectively manage, spreahead and deliver a successful project that you desire.

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Technical Support

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Let us help you with all of your vital backend technical support needs so you can focus on growing your company. Our Technical Support services provides software applications support, maintenance and optimization to ensure that you business systems are running smoothly and updated. Whether you need website maintenance, Salesforce CRM/ERP or your custom business application supported, we have the experience and technical skills to handle all your requests.

Our monthly maintenance services will have you fully covered and we work with you to create a custom maintenance plan that works for your needs. We specialize in Tier 1-3 Technical Applications Support gathering your requests in a secure ticketing system and quickly resolving and escalating issues. We offer worry-free maintenance services with quick turn-around times and clear communication.

Website Security

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We'll take care of and manage all of your website security needs. We provide complete website security protection to give you peace-of-mind, convenience, and trust knowing that your website is actively being monitored and in good hands. Get the best online security that your business deserves.

With our Website Security Plan, you'll be protected from DDoS attacks, spam, SQL injection, viruses, malware, ransomeware and real-time threats. We actively monitor and report on your website security status. Should a need ever arise, our team of website security experts can quickly troubleshoot and resolve security breeches.

Our Complete Protection Package provides managed daily website backups, easy website restore ability, daily scans and monitoring and reporting. We give you peace-of-mind, convenience and worry-free Website Security services. We can have your website setup and secured with our easy, stress-free process.

Website Maintenance

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Most business owners are too busy running their business and don't have the time, inclination or technical expertise to effectively manage their own website. Feeling stressed out? Hate having an old out-dated website? Don't have technical skills? Don't worry. We can help!

Fusion West Media specializes in website maintenance. We can give your tired website a fresh re-design, update your content with engaging copywriting and eye-catching visual images. We offer affordable quarterly or monthly maintenance services to ensure your website is up-to-date and best reflects your brand, current prices and promotions.

We also work on technical backend website maintenance tasks to ensure that your website is well-optimized and SEO-friendly.

We offer fast turn-around times and an easy process to get started. Put your best foot forward and boldly showcase your business website to the world.


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As a business owner you're too busy growing and running your company to fully consider IT infrastructure, let alone strategize, manage and develop all of your vital business technology solutions. That's what we specialize in and that's all we do — Complete Custom Business Technology Solutions.

As your trusted IT Consulting Partner, we have the insight, experience and knowledge to provide you with sound strategy and consulting advice. We take a holistic approach to identify areas of business technology improvement.

Our Consulting services can encompass a variety of perspectives depending on client needs such as: Technology, Change Management or Marketing. Our clients benefit from our deep technical knowledge and expertise as well as our niche industry associations to give you the best advice and the confidence to move forward in certainty.

We're experts at business and technical analysis, in-depth research, asking the hard/uncomfortable questions and finding the right solutions to your needs. No sugar-coating here. Just soild advice for your best interests.

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