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About Shore Denture Clinic

Shore Denture Clinic is a clinic providing excellent denture services in the Kingsway and Edmonton area since 1992. Owned by Leon Kassian, he is the denture specialist who has been practicing in this clinic for more than 20 years. Providing a denture solution has been a competitive practice in Canada and other areas also. So Leon wanted the website of Shore Denture to rank in the search engine.


Shore Denture Clinic, headed by Leon Kassian, promises to provide relief to major dental problems in an aesthetic manner while ensuring quality and professionalism. Offering a denture solution has been our field of expertise. Our goal is to implement effective dental practices that are painless and affordable so that you visit us again when needed.


Shore Denture Clinic employed Fusion West Media to make the website more visible and accessible in the local as well as global search engine rankings with the primary objective of increasing the number of patients visiting the clinic.

How we search engine optimized Shore Denture Clinic?

To have the website of Shore Denture Clinic in the first page of popular search engines, we:

  • Scrutinized the major areas of potential growth and then implemented SEO strategies to popularly used search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com, AOL.com and others.
  • Strategic keyword research was conducted to increase findings and make the website more visible online for users.
  • Reviewed the entire website to ensure the titles, headings, content and keywords were properly optimized.
  • More useful sections were added to the website. For example: a new section called ‘Blogs’ was created where keyword enriched contents were posted.
  • Created provisions for client engagements through online reviews and ratings. This fostered a trustworthy relationship with the clients

The Result

After search engine optimizing the website strategically, the results for the year 2018 has improved significantly when compared to the previous year, 2017. These are:

I.Website Ranking

We optimized several keywords for local search and found the website of Shore Denture Clinic to be among the top 3 rankings in local search page. Some of the popularly used search terms are:

Denture repair Edmonton
Denture repairs Edmonton
Partial repairs Edmonton

Other keywords were also revised for organic search that ranked Shore Denture Clinic among the top 3 in Google’s first page. Some of the most popularly used keywords are:

Denture clinic kingsway
Denture repair edmonton
Denture repairs edmonton
Edmonton dental solutions
Emergency denture clinic Edmonton

II.Website Traffic

  • There has been an increase in the number of users by 240.6%.
  • The number of sessions has also gone up by 224.4%
  • Pageviews had also risen by 133.3%
  • The several channels that have been driving engagement positively for Shore Denture through sessions and page views are:
    • Display
    • Direct
    • Organic search
    • Paid search
    • Referral
    • Social
  • The target country for Shore Denture was Canada. After optimizing the website, Canada has successfully become the top country with 2743 sessions and a significant rise in page views also.
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