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Salesforce Development

Salesforce Development - We implement Salesforce, the World's #1 CRM Solution

We partner with businesses and non-profits to listen and understand their needs and desire for a data-driven, cloud-based business application to solve their business problems. We develop custom Salesforce applications to streamline your business operations, reduce costs, and increase your efficiency and productivity.

Whether you're looking for a local Calgary Salesforce Administrator; Developer or Consultant, we've got your covered. We have the skills and experience to analyze, develop, maintain and support your Salesforce CRM. Our Salesforce consultants work remotely and seamlessly together as a cohesive team (hence "Fusion") to expeditiously solve your business challenges with the perfect Salesforce solution you require. Whether you're located in Western Canada (Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg), or Southwestern Ontario in (Windsor, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, St. Catherines, Toronto); or international in the United States we can fully support you and work online to implement the best Salesforce CRM that your business or organization needs.

Why use Salesforce

Salesforce is the #1 CRM system in the World, trusted and used by small non-profits under 10 people to large corporate enterprises. It is a feature-rich, robust and scalable CRM that is easily customizable to meet your business requirements. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will help you to track your leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, reports and analytics to help you manage your business effectively.

Calgary Salesforce Consulting firm

How We Help You

You'll Benefit from...

  Experienced team of certified Salesforce Developers and Administrators
  Strategize, Develop and Deliver Salesforce CRM
  Initial research and strategy consulting
  Develop standard and custom objects and fields
  Page layouts and custom page and list views
  Record sharing, data hierarcy model and privacy control
  Business process workflow automation
  Salesforce Administration & Technical Support
  Reports and Dashboards (standard and custom)
  Data Management, import data with Apex Data Loader
  Data validation rules, maintain tight data integrity
  Business Systems Analysis
  Creative problem-solving to find and implement best solution

Salesforce for Non-Profits

Our Calgary Salesforce Consultant has the knowledge, expertise and experience you're searching for to understand your unique CRM requirements having worked for many years with non-profit organizations and understands the core business objectives, backend technical implementation, desired strategy for success and specific needs unique to non-profits. Experienced in working with both Calgary and Vancourver-based non-profits on both small-scale contracts and large-scale, multi-year Salesforce work engagements. We understand the unique challenges that non-profits face with a strong need and desire to implement Salesforce CRM but lacking budget, technical expertise, resources, among others to successfully implement Salesforce. That's where we come in.

We work closey with you as your dedicated and trusted Business Technology Consulting Partner to implement Salesforce CRM that your non-profit craves.
Common to many non-profit organizations are many unique and complex challenges that must be understood, discussed and navigated correctly in order to roll out a successful Salesforce CRM. How many challenges are you currently facing? Not enough budget, business requirements too complex, limited resources, no in-house technical expertise, ambiguity, leadership or direction issues, non tech-savvy users, no user buy-in, resistant to change, lacks vision/near-sighted, competing priorities or requirements, constant change during development, no time, money, or resources to learn or train users, don't know where to start, unsure of the ROI. These challenges are not unusual to many non-profits, and we've worked within and overcame many of these challenges to succeed in delivering a Salesforce solution for non-profits. In fact, we thrive on these challenges and continues to build unique non-profit project framework and solutions. We're flexible and adaptable to work with and are known to overcome these challenges. You want to ensure your success and work with an experienced Calgary Salesforce Development company.

Non-Profit Salesforce Features

  •    Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) & Custom Development
  •    Donor Management (track all your donors for IND & ORG)
  •    Custom Development (object, fields, page layouts)
  •    Relationship Management (individuals and households)
  •    Deep cross-object reporting for intelligent insight
  •    Financial Donations Management (single or cummulative)
  •    Systems Migration (from your old system into Salesforce)
  •    Add-on packages to extend your application functionality
  •    Business Management (all of your core organization needs)
  •    Events Management (track and manage all your events)
  •    Campaigns Management (track and manage all your campaigns)
  •    Projects Management (track and manage all your projects)
  •    Business Process Automation (workflows and triggers)
  •    Volunteer Management (effectively utilize all your volunteers)
  •    Cloud-based solution with high data security
  •    Virtual Assistant Management with intelligent dashboards
  •    Systems Integration (between your Website and Salesforce)

Our Recommendations

"I worked with Chris during the Salesforce implementation process at Wycliffe, while I was a business user there. With few resources, Chris was able to design and roll out a powerful platform across multiple channels and units. This was no easy task, and having worked closely with systems integrators since this time, I appreciate all the more Chris' professional and good work."

— Jessica Sinclair, Manager of Mobilization, Wycliffe Canada

"I worked with Christopher as he custom set-up and implemented Salesforce for our teams across Canada. His always positive attitude, ability to carefully listen, advise as to how best to proceed, then quickly carry through resulted in a contact management system that makes sense to team members and works well. I found Chris excelled in problem solving coming up with solid solutions, which were then implemented. I do not hesitate to recommend Chris as a man of integrity, and as a creative problem-solver who has the technical skills required for such projects."

— Doug Peat, Director of Church Connections, Wycliffe Canada

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