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Chris Schulz Founder of Fusion West Media

Chris Schulz - Founder & President Business Operations Manager

Chris is a passionate business professional and technology consultant with over 15 years experience in Business & Information Technology having both a diploma in Computer Analyst/Programmer and Web Site Development certificate from Red River College. His diverse project experience includes working with government, non-profit, and corporate clients to solve various business technology challenges. His passion is to solve your complex business problems with technology solutions and deliver increased productivity and systems optimization.

His project portfolio includes developing an intranet site for a municipal government department; custom development of Salesforce CRM for non-profits; revive an initial failed IT project, rally stakeholder confidence and then lead, develop and deliver a successful IT project; applications technical support for one of Canada's leading providers of aviation management software; plus numerous SMB digital marketing projects.

Chris founded Fusion West Media in 2011 in Winnipeg and has consistenly provided profitable solutions for his many clients. Chris is an experienced Salesforce Administrator, IT Applications Administrator and Business Analyst with a focus to leverage cloud-based technology solutions for continuous business growth.

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Josiah Cook

Josiah Cook - Strategic Partnerships & Alliances. Philanthropic Initiatives.

Josiah is a passionate and experienced athlete, health & fitness enthusiast, husband, business development consultant and big picture strategist who has a vision to build brand exposure and create massive profitability for businesses who like to give back.

Josiah has had an interesting journey and background that adds tremendous value to the bottom line of any business. With experience, education and observation in the corporate structure from high-level management, startups, investing, business development, sales and structures, branding consulting, entrepreneurial personal development & educational development... Josiah’s background will massively affect your future.

Because of learning to be a 'Jack of Many Trades' and master of those trades, Josiah’s high-level strategic CEO thinking, overview, listening, observational and problem-solving skills - Josiah can help you find more holes in your businesses armor, leadership and structure than you could ever imagine that is affecting your bottom line.

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Sachin Raghuchandra

Sachin Raghuchandra - Project Manager

Sachin is a Senior Project Management consultant with over 11 years experience working with prominent companies as IBM, CGI and ATB Financial where he oversaw various high-level application and digital development delivery projects with budgets up to $3 million to many fortune customers. He has diverse expertise in digital technology, including: Digital Commerce, Mobile Apps, Mobile Web and Cloud Computing. Sachin is passionate about realizing the client's strategy to provide consulting and business value for them.

Sachin is an accomplished professional with a Bachelors in Engineering and has received the prestigious Project Management Professional (PMP®) designation from the Project Management Institute since 2007. Sachin has extensive experience working in Oil & Gas/Energy, Transportation/Logistics, Professional Services, Financial and Health Care industries.

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Cody Weiske Account Manager

Cody Weiske - Account Manager &
Business Developer

Caring, creative and charismatic aptly describes Cody who is an SEO Consultant and professional Account Manager here at Fusion West Media.

Young, energetic, always learning and loves taking on new challenges, Cody has spent the last 10 years exceeding expectations in Sales, Marketing and Client Relations. During this time he has achieved the highest numbers in sales in Western Canada in the telecom industry and the highest client retention rate in real estate.

Possessing particularily impressive persistence, he is known to never give up, finding creative solutions in ways with most surprising innovation. Cody has many years of experience working in customer service and support and with a genuine care for clients and impeccable communication skills, Cody is great at handling and managing our various client accounts.
In his spare time, Cody takes the time to enjoy actively writing his first book, strengthening his fluency in German and spending time with his wife and daughter.

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