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Salesforce Development

Salesforce Development - We implement Salesforce, the World's #1 CRM Solution

Grow your business or nonprofit with custom Salesforce software solutions.

You can harness the power of the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to reach your business goals. Whether you want to boost efficiency or reduce overhead costs, we can develop customized Salesforce solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

At Fusion West Media, we partner with businesses and nonprofits to address their business problems using a highly adaptable cloud-based system with data-driven insight and automation. With certified Salesforce consultants for London Ontario businesses and nonprofits, we provide custom solutions to support your success.

We have the skills and experience to analyze, develop, maintain, and support your Salesforce CRM. Our consultants work remotely and seamlessly together (hence the word “Fusion”) to swiftly solve your most pressing challenges.

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Custom CRM Solutions

We develop custom Salesforce applications based on your specific needs. Our team takes a holistic approach, offering guidance and advice to help build a more beneficial CRM infrastructure.

Streamline Operations

With tailored Salesforce software solutions, you can reduce redundant business processes and automate repetitive tasks, allowing your staff to work smarter and faster.

Reduce Operating Costs

Fully map your workflow to simplify, automate, or track virtually any business process. Use custom rules and triggers to boost efficiency and bring down your operating costs.

Protect Your Data

Along with increasing efficiency, Salesforce helps increase data security. It is one of the most trusted cloud-based CRM solutions, thus ensuring that your data and that of your clients remains safe and secure.

Why use Salesforce

Salesforce remains the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in the world. It is trusted and used by businesses of all sizes, thanks to its feature-rich, scalable solutions that can be customized to meet your objectives.

Salesforce helps accelerate productivity and gives managers and business owners more insight. You can track your leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, reports, and analytics to manage your business more effectively.

Scalable Solutions

The adaptability of Salesforce, combined with our custom development and expert consulting, provides a system that can grow with your business. This gives you the ability to scale your operations without drastically increasing costs.

Robust CRM Features

Salesforce is a flexible platform that provides access to hundreds of features, covering everything from contact management and lead management to sales forecasting and workflow management.

Customizable Dashboards

Based on your requirements, we develop dashboards containing the data you need to access quickly. Custom dashboards allow you to quickly review workflows, giving you a high-level view of your business.

Easy to Implement

Salesforce has an intuitive interface that your team will be able to quickly grasp. To help you get the most out of this software, we also offer training and continued support for your team.

How can we help you?

We offer Salesforce consulting, development, implementation, support, and maintenance services for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and nonprofits. Whether you need help improving your existing Salesforce system or you need a completely new implementation, you can rely on our team to tackle even the most challenging issues.

Our goal is to help your business thrive through customized business solutions and the following benefits:

● Experienced team of certified Salesforce developers
● Comprehensive research and strategy consulting
● Business process workflow automation
● Salesforce administration and technical support
● Custom and standard reports and dashboards
● A complete range of solutions for better decision-making

Fusion West Media is a trusted source for Salesforce development London Ontario and regions throughout the globe. From Western Canada and Southwestern Ontario to locations in the United States and abroad, we can fully support the needs of your business or nonprofit organization.

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Salesforce for Non-Profits

Out-of-the-box software may not perfectly fit the unique needs and challenges that nonprofits face. Your budget, technical expertise, and resources may keep you from implementing Salesforce. That’s where we come in.

At Fusion West Media, we love giving back and have a special desire to help support the missions of nonprofits. Our nonprofit Salesforce solutions provide your organization with the technical expertise needed to reach more people and manage your operations more efficiently.

As with the Salesforce platform, we are highly flexible and adaptable. We have assisted nonprofit organizations for many years and understand the core business objectives, backend technical implementation, and desired strategy for success. We will work closely with you as your dedicated Business Technology Consulting partner to help realize the vision of your nonprofit.

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Non-Profit Salesforce Features

  •    Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) & Custom Development
  •    Donor Management (track all your donors for IND & ORG)
  •    Custom Development (object, fields, page layouts)
  •    Relationship Management (individuals and households)
  •    Deep cross-object reporting for intelligent insight
  •    Financial Donations Management (single or cummulative)
  •    Systems Migration (from your old system into Salesforce)
  •    Add-on packages to extend your application functionality
  •    Business Management (all of your core organization needs)
  •    Events Management (track and manage all your events)
  •    Campaigns Management (track and manage all your campaigns)
  •    Projects Management (track and manage all your projects)
  •    Business Process Automation (workflows and triggers)
  •    Volunteer Management (effectively utilize all your volunteers)
  •    Cloud-based solution with high data security
  •    Virtual Assistant Management with intelligent dashboards
  •    Systems Integration (between your Website and Salesforce)

Our Recommendations

"I worked with Chris during the Salesforce implementation process at Wycliffe, while I was a business user there. With few resources, Chris was able to design and roll out a powerful platform across multiple channels and units. This was no easy task, and having worked closely with systems integrators since this time, I appreciate all the more Chris' professional and good work."

— Jessica Sinclair, Manager of Mobilization, Wycliffe Canada

"I worked with Christopher as he custom set-up and implemented Salesforce for our teams across Canada. His always positive attitude, ability to carefully listen, advise as to how best to proceed, then quickly carry through resulted in a contact management system that makes sense to team members and works well. I found Chris excelled in problem solving coming up with solid solutions, which were then implemented. I do not hesitate to recommend Chris as a man of integrity, and as a creative problem-solver who has the technical skills required for such projects."

— Doug Peat, Director of Church Connections, Wycliffe Canada

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