Technology Consulting

Implementing the Correct Technologies for Your Business to Generate Maximum Profits

We help to define, develop and implement technology solutions for the success of our clients. Technology is a tool, and we help our clients to understand their options and provide the best solution to meet their specific needs. We utilize cloud-based technology solutions and SaaS (Software as a service).

Get Approved - Submit Your Application

Set up an appointment with us to see if you qualify for a free consultation. Once approved, our consultants will connect with you to see where you need the most help.
After your free consultation, we will come back to you with a cost effective action plan that makes sense for your potential bottom line.

• We comb your business inside and out to ensure you are profitable from every angle. Unfortunately most businesses don’t realize how this can affect their bottom line.
   In some cases, this bottom line can increase revenue by 500% percent or more.
• We provide all the technologies you need and teach you how to become proficient in using them.
• We help you maintain and update your technology moving forward.

Salesforce CRM - We Implement the World's #1 CRM Solution

Track your customers, sales and analytics to be sure you are able to organize and focus more on what makes you money.

• We analyze, plan, develop and implement CRM applications.
• Salesforce Administration tasks may include: project management, business analysis, applications development, systems administration, customization, user training and support, documentation, data cleanup, mass data import, testing, release, post-release support and training, on-going systems maintenance.

Website Development - Custom Web Solutions

Featuring your product or service with a well run, simple and beautifully designed website will convert big $$$. Unfortunately, many businesses sabotage potential new customers from having a poorly built or unattractive website. We make sure everything is taken care of to make sure your new lead gen puts money in your pocket.

• We offer a bespoke web development service to suit each and every one of your personalized needs. Each of our websites are custom-built to your unique requirements.
• From web design and development, to logo creation and content optimization for search engines, we help to establish your business as a leader in your industry.
• Our goal is to provide engaging experiences that improves productivity and boost business, while creating a strong and exclusive online presence.
• With our visionary designers and innovative developers, your website will be sleek, attractive and user-friendly, even for mobile users.

Search Engine Optimization - Get your Website Noticed

Over 80% of people find businesses they are looking for on Google. 91% never make it past Page 1. Are you losing 91% of your potential leads?
Are you found on Page 1? Our customers are.

• 100% of our SEO clients are ranked on the 1st Page of Google - check out our Portfolio
• Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of optimizing a website in such a way that your website gets organically ranked or listed high in the search engines (i.e. Google). Achieving high, top rankings in search engines will promote your website to your customers and will greatly increase your brand awareness and profitability. With countless websites on the Internet all vying for attention, how will your business website be found? The answer is SEO. This form of digital marketing has a very high ROI and is a wise investment.
• According to Hubspot - a leader in online marketing - 96% of visitors to your site are not ready to purchase your product. With our help, you can change their minds.
• Our SEO experts utilize the most up-to-date, powerful techniques to ensure your business receives the traffic and ROI it deserves. We only use ethical techniques such as content optimization, link-building, and market research to secure your position at the top of the relevant online searches and dominate your industry.


Website Rebrand UI/UX Changes - Optimize your Website for Success

Over and over again businesses lose revenue and potential customers from a poorly functioning and sad looking website. Your website is an extension of your business.
We help to provide a great user experience which converts to your bottom line.

• We recognize and implement millennial branding standards which is vital to the success of your business and website.
• We comb your website for functionality improvements that will affect your bottom line and help you become more profitable by improving user flow and retention rates.
• We comb your website for graphic design and copywriting improvements and ensure you properly and ethically persuade your users to buy your product or service.

Time Hacking Tech Solutions - Save Time & Increase Productivity

As an entrepreneur your time is precious. We know you need to do everything in your power to free your time to concentrate your focus and efforts on revenue generating activities.

• We meticulously analyze your business and processes to understand what you do on a daily basis and where you can optimize to save time.
• We focus on where we can trim the fat, and offer you the most up to date and easy time hacking tech solutions you can use on the go.

Sales Tech Solutions - Exponentially Empower your Sales Team

What are your sales team spending their time on? We can assure you at least 50% of their time is being spent NOT making you money. If that is 50% of their time, then that is 50% more margin we immediately give back to you by just getting them set up with the right sales tech solutions.

• We analyze your sales team and find where we can trim the fat in their processes with technology to ensure they are able to focus on revenue generating activities of “selling.”

Financial Tracking Solutions - Increase your Productivity

We all know that paperwork is never ending and we all hate it. Once again there are solutions that help you free up tons of time to ensure you are focusing your time on revenue generating activities.

• We analyze your processes and find out all the areas you need help with tracking your financials and provide you with the best solutions. We help you with setup and give you a sigh of relief.

Time Tracking Solutions - Increase your Efficiency

You and your business are more likely to succeed if you know where your time is being allocated to see where you are focusing your efforts with yourself, team or clients.

• We will provide you with the best time tracking solutions, help you with setup and systemize it suited to your needs.

Task Based Solutions - Enhancing your Checklists

Do you have a checklist of tasks? I am sure you do, and I am sure your task lists can be overwhelming. There are other ways of tracking and completing tasks that will leave you feeling like the weight of world has been lifted off your shoulders.

• We will provide you with a task-based solution, help you set up and help you lose all the weight of the world.

Social Media Tech-Based Solutions - Convert your Followers into Customers

Upon interviewing 1000’s of businesses, we understand you spend way too much time just keeping up on your social media. Are your efforts and time spent in social media converting for you?... or are your conversions just “likes” of the same people who are already following you and are current customers? I am guessing it is the latter.

• We show you where to spend your time on social media and how you can actually convert from your efforts.
• We help set you up with tech solutions that will save you the most time and effort yet.
• We set you up with the right people who can help you grow your followers and how to monetize from your content.

Get Weather Proofed

With this struggling economy you can fall to the wayside with the rest or you can STAND out and thrive no matter what the economy looks like. Our business consultants are experts in spotting the holes in your business’ armor that is hurting your business and strengthen those areas for no weak points in profitability or brand exposure.

Get Approved - Submit Your Application

Set up an appointment with us to see if you qualify for a free consultation. Once approved, our consultants will connect with you to see where you need the most help.
After your free consultation, we will come back to you with a cost effective action plan that makes sense for your potential bottom line

  • • We help you with branding techniques and strategies to increase your brand exposure both physically and digitally
  • • We dissect every area of your business and help you become more profitable by at least a 30% profit margin
  • • We dissect your tasks and hack your time by 50% efficiency within a focus of profitability
  • • We set you up with our direct resources of experts that help diminish overhead and increase revenues

Here are all the areas that we dive into to find where we can strengthen your business.
In the big picture, ALL of these affect your bottom line...

Millennial Branding Standards - Your new lead gen needs to see, taste, touch and experience you in a way they are used to in this day and age.
• Helping you meet the current industry branding standard to be sure you’re being seen and heard by new lead generation

Gain Industry Trust - Most people don’t buy from a product or service they don’t trust. Have you ever heard of word of mouth? There are many other ways to gain trust outside of it.
• We help you gain trust from your market and your niche outside of word of mouth and to be known as THE trusted resource in your industry.

Gain Industry Authority - Most people don’t buy your product or service if you don’t show you know your stuff.
• Helping you understand how to get known as someone that has knowledge in your niche product or service you provide. This could be online and local, national or internationally.

Website Financial Leverage - Did you know that even if you are not an online business, you can still make money on web traffic from just owning your website?
• We will show you ways you can make money even if you don’t sell anything on your website.

Strategic Partnerships & Alliances - Have you ever thought about how other businesses can send people to buy your product or service?
• We have, and we can teach you all about it… and even help facilitate it.

Sales Strategy & Structures - You may be selling your product or service all wrong. Or maybe not. What’s your attrition rate?
• We help you find the best ways to sell your product and how to make sure your customers return.

Sales Training & Tech Solutions - As great as your sales team is, they could be better and more efficient.
• We dissect, train and build a flawless time and money saving engine in your sales team.

Digital Marketing Campaign Solutions - If you’re not online, then where are you and what do you sell?
• We help your business, product or service get noticed online… even if you’re a local business, we make sure you’re seen online by local people.

Business Plan for Growth - Businesses that don’t have a business plan aren’t serious about their business. And if you don’t have a plan to scale, you are really not serious.
• Let us help you get serious with a growth plan. We’ll help you structure a plan and proven goal & task method that will make you a successful massive action taker.

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