Fusion West Media is comprised of a team of highly-skilled and talented consultants who work together to achieve greatness and success for our valued clients.
Our hand-picked consultants have years of industry experience, specialized knowledge and proven track records of success on multiple high-value projects.
We enjoy understanding and solving challenging business or technology problems and turning those into profitable solutions for our clients.

Chris Schulz - Founder & President Business Operations Manager

Chris is a passionate business professional and consultant with over 12+ years of experience in Business, Customer Service and Information Technology. His work experience includes government, non-profit, and corporate consulting. His passion is to solve your complex business problems with technology solutions.

Chris founded Fusion West Media back in 2011 and has consistenly provided profitable solutions for his many clients. Chris is an experienced Salesforce Administrator (since 2013), IT Applications Administrator and Business Analyst. His focus is to leverage cloud-based technology solutions for the success of his clients.

Salesforce Administrator & Business Analyst; IT Applications Administrator

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Josiah Cook

Josiah Cook - Managing Director & Business Development Consultant

Josiah is a passionate and experienced athlete, health & fitness enthusiast, husband, business development consultant and big picture strategist who has a vision to build brand exposure and create massive profitability for businesses who like to give back.

Josiah has had an interesting journey and background that adds tremendous value to the bottom line of any business. With experience, education and observation in the corporate structure from high-level management, startups, investing, business development, sales and structures, branding consulting, entrepreneurial personal development & educational development... Josiah’s background will massively affect your future.

Because of learning to be a 'Jack of Many Trades' and master of those trades, Josiah’s high-level strategic CEO thinking, overview, listening, observational and problem-solving skills - Josiah can help you find more holes in your businesses armor, leadership and structure than you could ever imagine that is affecting your bottom line.

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