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Wouldn't you love working with a consulting company that really listened to your needs, understood your requirements and then implemented the perfect solution?

We are that IT consulting company that makes a difference in the businesses of our clients. We care about our clients and their businesses and look for ways to provide optimization and innovative solutions along with complimentary value-added features. Fusion West Media believes in team work, mutual respect, and drawing on the strengths of our partners to provide top-quality solutions.

About Fusion West Media

Fusion West Media is a managed IT services provider in Calgary, serving small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) throughout Canada and the US.
We leverage technology and talent for superior results with software/application solutions for high growth-minded businesses and nonprofits.
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Who Are We?

Fusion West Media was founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2011 by Chris Schulz. Chris is a seasoned business technology professional dilligently studying and pursuing Computer Science and Information Technology since 1999. He has a Computer Analyst/Programmer Diploma and Web Site Development Certificate from Red River College in Winnipeg. We have since expanded to Calgary to better serve our clients throughout Western Canada from Vancouver to Toronto. We also work with clients in the United States.

Our desire is to help businesses and non-profits realize their full potential and identify and develop the best technology solutions for their business needs. Working with Fusion West Media, you will benefit from our talented team and deep experience, a well-developed and optimized Business Website, Salesforce CRM or Web/Mobile Application, increased marketing/SEO yeilding greater results and maximize your profits.

Seizing the Opportunity

Chris observed what was missing and lacking in the market and sought to overcome these obstacles. There existed a prevalence, a mass acceptance of a slow growth-mindset, the comfort, complacency and accpetance in using older/obsolete technologies and knowingly continuing on in poorly optimized businss processes. Competitors in the market consistently charged high-prices to small businesses for subpar products and services which was unexceptable. Chris saw and seized the opportunity to change this and to provide better service, quality IT soltions and a company built on trust, honesty and strong values. Chris built a leading managed IT services business around excellent customer service, quality products and continuous refinement.

Fusion West Media provides a genuine customized and personalized appraoch, utilizing effective team collaboration and leveraging the strenghts and talents of team members and vendor partners. This has allowed us to scale and to provide the best IT solutions possible at affordable prices to the small-midsize market. Chris saw the opportunity and identified these issues and overcame these challenges with the Fusion/coming-together of the best people, skills and ideas and built the best team of specialized consultants and industry-leading partners. With over 15 years of experience as a technology consultant, Chris has worked with a wide range of clients to address their most pressing technology concerns.
Past projects have included developing custom Salesforce CRM, developed an intranet website for the City of Winnipeg Water & Waste Dept., and provided technical support for a leading aviation management software company in Canada.
Chris has grown Fusion West Media to become a top source for managed IT solutions for small-medium businesses and non-profits throughout Western Canada.

Our Goal

At Fusion West Media, we strive to give each client a personalized service based on their specific needs. We use a holistic approach, assessing your current business challenges and goals to devise the most cost-effective strategies. We want to simplify your business operations by managing your IT software. From technical support to custom Calgary Salesforce development, we can implement money- and time-saving solutions to help take your business to the next level.

Our Mission

We aim to build stronger connections with our partners, clients, and communities. Fusion is the joining of two or more things to form a single entity. By fusing the best combination of skills, talents, and abilities, we can bring greater change to any organization or business.

Committed to Long-Lasting Partnerships

We bring value to every project through our strategic partnerships. We believe that collaboration is the key to success. You need a qualified team to support your objectives.

Our team is an extension of your business, providing valuable business technology insight to help your processes run more smoothly. With our fully managed IT services, you find a partner that you can count on as your business continues to grow.

Devote to Serving Local Communities

Along with our commitment to clients and partners, we remain devoted to our communities and give back to those in need. We desire to work and partner with those that share the same values. If you operate a nonprofit organization, you may qualify for free consulting and discounts on our other services.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about us. Now we would like to learn a little more about you and your business.

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