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Who we are and what we're all about

Fusion West Media was founded in 2011 and is a Business and IT consulting firm located in Calgary, Canada with a local presence and global impact and reach. Our selected team of experts are professionals in their respective fields with decades of cumulative experience. Our area of specialty is in providing custom technology solutions for service professionals in the HealthCare, Business and Skilled Trades industries. Services we offer include Website Design & Development, Online Marketing, SEO/PPC, Business Applications Development, & Consulting.

We are a socially-conscience corporation and have been helping our clients succeed in their businesses since 2011.
Our values start at the heart and character of ourselves through Integrity and grow and mature into Leaders producing bold visions of Philanthropic endeavours to make the world a better place for all.


Sharing the Big Picture

Our vision is to help entrepreneurs, nonprofits and businesses experience enormous growth so they become greatly profitable,
build immense brand exposure and give back to a world that needs us all.


Changing the world one business at a time

Our mission is to do everything necessary to ensure every client is pleased with all services we provide. We also ensure every entrepreneur we partner with is educated, trained and armed with every tool and resource to move forward to conquer in the business battlefield. We want you to taste, touch and feel the utmost highest quality and satisfaction from any interaction, service and result we render you.


What we cherish and cultivate in our company

Our values start at the heart and character of ourselves through Integrity and grow and mature into Leaders producing bold visions of Philanthropic endeavours to make the world a better place for all.


We place a high value on integrity, character and honesty with ourselves and others. It is through this virtuous quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that we can confidently grow and build long-term relationships.


We develop and empower leaders to make positive contributions in their personal lives, in business and in our community. Only through servant-leadership can you effectively grow to new heights of success.


We value giving back to our communities through time, money and energy and partner with businesses committed to sharing this vision. We encourage and support our team in philanthropic initiatives creating positive change in the lives of others while leaving a massive legacy.


An open culture that fosters respect and growth

We refuse to settle on any less quality of brand or experience than Steve Jobs did with Apple. Our values stand by kindness, integrity, perfection and unlimiting beliefs. We will never stop growing in knowledge to optimize ours and others businesses to an exponential growth plain. Our culture places a high value on people, active listening, adaptability, mutual respect, humility and a strong desire to learn and grow. We will always listen and work together as a team to help grow and build each other up individually and professionally.


Accountability, Trust and Transparency

Here is why we qualify our businesses we work with… Do you qualify a mate? Do you qualify your friends? Do you qualify your political leaders?
Our success comes from those we qualify to be in our lives. We associate ourselves with people and businesses we can trust, grow with, and continually build dreams along side with by endless exchanges of value. The people and businesses we know are the kind of people who show trust, honesty and respect - where we can write an agreement on a napkin, secure a deal with a handshake and even invite into our homes.


Being Blessed to be a Blessing to Others

We are in the realm of making money and helping others make money. Money is a tool that can also be used for life-changing moments in many others lives whose environments are not as fortunate as our own. Fusion West Media encourages and supports charitable giving to many causes.

Humanitarian issues, clean water initiatives, education, leadership programs, kids sports programs, hunger- ending programs, woman’s rights, fatherless children, mental illness, incurable diseases, clean energy and animal protection are just a few causes on a list of thousands of issues that we need to be giving back for.

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Let’s become profitable together, build each other’s lives and businesses so we can rebuild this world together.

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